5 Powerful PR Trends For 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, we're paying close attention to emerging trends and asking ourselves some critical questions. What can we learn from 2019? How can we take these learnings and apply them to offer more value to our clients? How can we improve our processes, and what services should we expand on, or remove?   

As we look to answer some of these questions, we examine what 2020 will have in store for the public relations industry. Here are 5 trends we’re expecting to see in PR as we move towards 2020:

  1. Agency Specialization
    Now more than ever, businesses are recognizing the importance of engaging professional agencies to support their communications objectives. They're also recognizing the value that's added when an agency is hyper-focused on one industry.

    By demonstrating a deep understanding of a client's business, agencies can secure seats at major tables and can weigh in on strategic decision making. For this reason, we expect highly specialized boutique agencies to be on the rise in 2020. Increased demand for specialization will drive great value for brands. 

  2. Data-Informed Campaigns 
    Data will continue to play a large role in guiding PR campaigns and measuring their impact, but we anticipate it will be even more important in determining the value of PR in 2020. As we gain more access to accurate and immediate data, it will profoundly influence the way we use it in crafting and executing our campaigns and evaluating the results. The industry will use data to build more focused, targeted campaigns to reach a more specific audience. 
  1. Agency Partnerships
    Every agency offers something different, but it's nearly impossible for one agency to be the best at everything. When it comes to larger, multi-faceted campaigns, agencies may be able to meet some of a client's needs but ultimately fall short when biting off more than they can chew.

    In 2020, we’re expecting to see more strategic partnerships between agencies when working on large-scale campaigns. By partnering together, PR agencies can take on more challenging projects that highlight their strengths while also ensuring the client's needs are met. 
  1. More Affordable Technology
    Any PR pro knows that time is money, and efficiency is everything. With so much to do and so few hours in the day, agencies are looking for new tools and technology to make media monitoring, task managing, and data collecting a breeze. In 2020, we’re expecting to see the introduction of new technologies but also more affordable tools for small and medium-sized agencies.

    Today, the biggest barrier to agencies using these technologies is the high costs associated with them. We expect to see some of these tools and platforms adapt to the budgets of the industry, allowing more agencies to access them. More affordable technology will allow agencies to establish a better ROI for clients.
  1. Increased Accuracy, Transparency, and Authenticity
    People are growing increasingly wary of the information and content they consume and are starting to demand more accuracy, transparency, and authenticity from the stories brands tell. For that reason, honest and authentic content tends to gain the most traction.

    To successfully build trust with the public, PR professionals will have to work with their clients to ensure the information they put out is not only honest but also accurately represents who they are and how they operate. In 2020, we predict there will be an increased demand for quality stories and content that are relevant and authentic. Trust will play an even more important role in the success of a business and its relationship with the public.