Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

So, you’re looking for a Digital Marketing Agency - or are you?

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, cannabis company, or lemonade stand, every business is turning to digital solutions to help generate awareness and increase revenue. 

Before you start asking for quotes, filling out forms, or handing over your login details, check out our list of questions to ask yourself before approaching a Digital Marketing Agency.

Am I trying to reach a new audience or retarget a pre-existing audience?

Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising are excellent ways to find new audiences based on targeting information such as age, location, interests, or behaviours. However, through retargeting tactics you are also able to serve advertisements to those who have taken an action on your website, but have not moved all the way down the sales funnel.

    Do I want to use my Facebook page and Instagram account to generate revenue? 

    Whether you’re trying to drive reservations, sell products, or promote events, your Facebook page and Instagram account are the perfect conduits for revenue. These platforms are integrated with websites like Shopify, Eventbrite, and reservation platforms like SevenRooms to create a seamless user experience wherein they can view, buy, or reserve without even leaving the application.

    Are there an endless amount of reviews about my business that go unattended to?

    A report conducted by UPS and Forbes magazine concluded that 71% of customers say they’re more likely to recommend a company that responds quickly to them on social media. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, or sell your products online, it is critical to employ a two-way method of communication with you customers.

    Do I want to know more about my guests?

    Using Social Wi-Fi, you are able to track every guest that comes and goes from your restaurant. You can to use this information to understand what types of guests come back for another visit or collect email addresses at a blistering pace to use for email marketing and ad retargeting.

      Am I ready to work with a digital agency? 

      That is a question only you can answer! If you are ready to take your business to the next level and strategically employ tactics to differentiate yourself from the competition, our Blue Door is always open.

      Want to learn more about what digital marketing can do for you?

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