A career in graphic design is ever evolving. It shifts with new inventions and trends, yet it remains a constant at the core of nearly every creative agency and every campaign you see.

Agencies around the world are looking for designers in motion design, illustrator, UX. graphic and product design to add to their teams.  Big campaigns with big ideas need creative minds and talents to bring them to life.  With demand so high, many people are starting to pivot from their careers to become trained as designers to capitalize on this trend. Here are some of the reasons for you to consider a career in design!

You should consider a career in graphic design because once you are trained and grounded in the design principles, your possibilities are endless. It is a career of bringing ideas to life and form to function. We have outlined three major benefits of pursuing a career in graphic design for you to marinade on when browsing for your next college or university.

Endless possibilities

Core design principles are industry-agnostic, giving you the adaptability to work in any sector. Unlike trends or industry expectations, the design principles are the cornerstone of any design application. For example, at Blue Door, we work with clients across a variety of industries including hospitality, non-profit, real estate, cannabis, and education. Our creative instincts, design principles, and understanding of industry behaviours allow our team to execute innovative design solutions across the board.

In addition to the array of industry opportunities, there are also many graphic design disciplines to explore. Editorial and layout design, branding, animation, illustration, UX [user experience]/UI [user interface], and art direction are just a few examples of the different focuses you can master and learn along the way.

Designing will enhance your problem-solving skills

Creativity is crucial for any business. Graphic design will enhance your problem-solving skills – not just because you’re overcoming common issues for clients; but because you’re encouraged to consider the bigger picture every day.   It will be frustrating, challenging and some clients will absolutely dislike your work, but you will rise and learn how to problem solve in each area- difficult clients, tight deadlines, crashed software, small budgets and much more. 

You'll never stop being inspired

Being a designer is freedom (most of the time). When you are working with a great client who trusts in your design process, you are free to get carried away in the world of design where there are no limits to creativity and pushing boundaries.  If you are lucky enough to also work with a great team like we have at Blue Door, then you also get to share and grow alongside other creators who inspire and challenge you. 

From vision to fruition

As a graphic designer, you have the tools, creativity, and vision to conceptualize a string of ideas and bring them to life. It is a satisfying feeling to be able to see your creative products brought to life before your eyes. 

The other satisfying part of a career in graphic design is being able to translate a client’s ideas, business values and objectives into a consumer facing product. We are in the business of providing ideas with unique faces and identities.


A career in graphic design offers a unique opportunity to develop your design technique alongside honing other important practical skills. A few key areas you will be challenged to practice as a graphic designer are presenting your creative ideas, receiving and digesting feedback, thinking on the spot, collaborating with others, and managing time - just to name a few. While creative growth is at the root of a graphic designer’s career trajectory, these practical skills are imperative to your success as a designer as well as in other areas of your life.

A career in graphic design is more than flirting with the idea of working abroad, or making your own work hours; a career in graphic design is dynamic, collaborative, responsive, and inspiring. Check out our creative portfolio and Instagram page for a glimpse into our creative domain. 

Have a design project in mind and not sure where to start? View our capabilities deck here and connect with us about bringing your vision to fruition. Reach out to hello@bluedoor.agency or 1 855-854-5594.



About the Author:

Julie is our driving creative force at Blue Door. As our Senior in-house graphic designer, Julie is responsible for managing all design projects, developing rich content marketing strategies, creative direction, design execution, and implementing organizational processes.