‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ 

As a result of COVID-19, all businesses are analyzing and restructuring their companies to stay connected, relevant, and successful. Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ is complicated, but there are valuable insights available to reinvent your brand. 

Now is the time to analyse, reevaluate, and take action on reinventing your organization’s brand. Although many decisions are being made out of necessity, creative ideas and inventions are popping up around the world and connecting us more than ever.

Blue Door has successfully reimagined customer communication and digital advertising throughout this crisis and based on our experience, these are the three essential areas to consider when updating your brand:

Map out your destination.

It is important to recognize how your organizational landscape has shifted during COVID-19 and how it has impacted the business in order to properly address the areas of your brand that need attention. As we transition into a contactless world, how does your product fit into the new market? Has it been adjusted to better serve the needs of the customer? Has your business expanded into new industries? Evaluating these areas will help assess whether your brand appropriately reflects the new functionality and vision of your business.

With a fresh lens and a stronger understanding of your position in the market, establish clear objectives that set the foundation of your brand’s reinvention. Each decision surrounding your brand should be made with intention and should complement your business’ new objectives.

Reevaluate & consolidate.

Although COVID-19’s duration is unpredictable, its impact will have lasting effects on society and consumer patterns. As such, we have been presented with the opportunity to redefine the future of business. Now is the time to audit brand assets. Do they support your new objectives? If the audience has changed, consider whether your current creative is still relative and effective. Specific elements to reevaluate during this time include brand guidelines, newsletter templates, social content, and digital advertising campaigns.

Be open to a digital world.

Now more than ever, communicating with customers is critical. However, the way that we do it will need to evolve. Social distancing has resulted in businesses jumping into the digital landscape by necessity and there is an abundance of support to help them along the way. Shopify announced multiple new features this week at its Reunite 2020 conference that will simplify the process of creating and maintaining an online presence. 

Email newsletters are an effective way to share updates, promotions, and news to your customers and should be considered when reevaluating your company’s marketing strategy. With newsletters being a popular form of communication these days, it is crucial to narrow the content down to the three most important and relative points and display them in an engaging way. 

Yesterday’s tactics will not produce the same results during today’s unprecedented circumstances. View out capabilities deck here and connect with us about reinventing your brand. Reach out to hello@bluedoor.agency or 1 855-854-5594.



About the Author:

Julie is our driving creative force at Blue Door. As our Senior in-house graphic designer, Julie is responsible for managing all design projects, developing rich content marketing strategies, creative direction, design execution, and implementing organizational processes.