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Public Relations

PR is one of the most misunderstood professions but the most powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Blue Door offers a suite of PR services that deliver impactful results.

Our team has built relationships with journalists and writers across the country and takes pride in understanding what media is looking for, and when. While the media landscape has certainly changed, Blue Door continues to create incredible storytelling opportunities and secure earned coverage across Canada’s leading publications.

Our senior leadership team delivers unmatched Crisis Communication support 24-7, including a comprehensive approach to managing media and online activity. We have the skills and relationships to ensure our clients receive balanced coverage while minimizing exposure in critical situations.

Our team of event planners and experiential marketers are known throughout the city for throwing unforgettable events. From pop-ups to grand openings, Blue Door has managed hundreds of events, spearheading event concepts, direction, and execution.

Networks are meant to be shared. We dedicate a tremendous amount of time to find alignment and synergies within our networks of clients that have led to remarkable collaborations and opportunities.

From press releases to internal communications, the Blue Door team has worked with organizations across Canada to audit, refine and create 360-degree Corporate Communications plans around structuring, milestone announcements, issues management, or financial transactions.

Earned Media alone is simply not enough to get our narrative across in today's landscape. We focus on creating compelling advertising campaigns that are omni-channel and drive tangible results. Blue Door is adept at creating campaigns across print, broadcast and OOH while ensuring a laser-focus on client objectives.

Influencer Marketing continues to be a critical part of the marketing ecosystem and projections confirm it will continue to play a role in how brands and companies market themselves. Blue Door has developed an extensive database of influencers across Canada which allows us to understand this landscape better than any other agency. We have built a reputation with influencers as being exceptional communicators, highly organized, goal-oriented, and forward-thinking.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Department leverages digital channels, like search engines, social media, email and websites, to promote products and services. Our team combines research, executional expertise, and strategy to develop and launch campaigns on behalf of our clients. Analysts predict the global digital advertising and marketing sector will reach $786.2 billion by 2026; the time to build your digital marketing strategy is now.

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient key message communication tactics for your business - but only if it's used strategically. When coupled with Social WiFi and Digital Advertising, Email Marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing channels for your business. These services involve A&B testing, full design, and strategy implementation.

Our web developers create high-performance websites that focus on sales conversion and leads. Our developers ensure ease of navigation, interactive design and a secure website that is easy to maintain and update. The team collaborates with content strategists to create a solid web design that attracts visitors and keeps them on your site. The goal is to create a top-performing website.

Businesses with physical locations can leverage in-store guest WiFi networks to collect customer contact information, track customer visits, and build rich customer profiles. We have successfully built a database of nearly 500,000 contacts for our clients.

We love creating digital ads. Whether they are on social media, a review platform, or on Google, we are able to create full-scale digital ad campaigns. These services can involve: Wi-Fi Marketing, Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our photography and videography capabilities allow us to create custom content for our clients for websites, brochures, presentations, advertising, social media or digital advertising.

Social Media provides your audience with a living and breathing version of your brand. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok are the first places a lot of consumers go to make a decision. Our team will manage every aspect of your social media presence including creating content calendars, publishing content, monitoring and engaging with comments, community management, and more.

Graphic Design & Branding

Blue Door is home to Toronto’s top designers, who are creative at their core. Our creative team has instilled processes and client journeys that ensure creativity is still process-driven and results-oriented. As an integrated agency, the creative team supports all departments at Blue Door, ensuring all campaigns benefit from exceptional design.

A to Z brand development. We assist our clients with branding projects both big and small. From optimizing current brand guidelines to full-scale brand development, we are the designers for you.

We help brands visualize design assets for print and digital distribution such as motion graphics, email templates, social media templates, OOH advertising, magazine ads, and more.