Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Designed for the future of measurement

Aug 05, 2022

Google Analytics has recently announced a shiny new version of itself, and it's pretty impressive!

Google has updated its world-renowned data collection and web analytics software, integrating a ton of new features to both the software itself and the interface that the user will view it on. They’re calling it Google Analytics 4 (GA4). So, what is Google Analytics 4, commonly abbreviated to GA4, and what does this current, now default version of Google Analytics mean for marketers and business owners alike?

The original Google Analytics reporting tool set the global standard for website analytics and it is used successfully to track interactivity across all devices. Monitoring, usage across websites, apps and more! Most people use this platform to track website activity such as session duration, unique page views, pages per session, bounce rate and information on the traffic source. This platform is helpful when trying to identify and measure KPIs to maximize growth. It is important to note that the OG Google Analytics used Universal Analytics, which tracks screen views in separate mobile-specific properties, whereas GA4 combines both web and app data in the same property.

One of the most significant differences between the two versions is AI's ability to fill in gaps and offer predictive capabilities with the information. Like King Kong, GA4 can now bypass privacy barriers Google Analytics could not. Simply by crushing them to pieces with extreme strength! Sort of. GA4 can fill data gaps historically blocked by privacy laws like Javascript and cookie consent rules. Scary and cool, right? Here's how:

“Google Analytics 4 removes the session's importance and focuses on the user and the user’s events. The advantage will be more direct answers to questions commonly asked by user experience researchers and stakeholders. In Universal Analytics, we would answer, “users have about two page views per session during the time period.” In GA4, we’ll answer, “users have averaged about four page views each during the time period.” - Blast Analytics 

In essence, GA4 is asking different questions. It’s also combining mobile analytics with user web data to get more efficient results. In the past, Google looked to the session for data collection versus the user. In addition to this new method of data, the interface has undergone a more user-friendly facelift. 

Google Analytics YouTube Channel provides users with multiple videos on how to understand GA4 at its core. From Audience building, User Analysis to Creating Events, as always, Google has you over covered. 

At Blue Door Agency, we’ve got your back too. We view GA4 as the most effective measure of user behaviour across multiple sessions and devices and because of this, we hold it high up on the priority scale for identifying and measuring client KPIs.

When we look at this from an advertising perspective, ongoing iOS updates involving additional privacy and security mechanisms have significantly impacted platforms like Facebook. As a result, GA4’s cookie-less approach will allow our team to continue to leverage insights from our clients websites and keeping them ahead of trend. We all know cookies should be kept in the cupboard and out of privacy restrictions, right?

We know that these more intelligent insights mean better marketing ROI. Google’s machine learning and AI integration will allow our team to make better-informed decisions about your marketing strategies. AI can now track trends and calculate advanced metrics like churn probability, leading to more detailed results analysis. Our team then uses this data to make the most of digital advertising budgets and better demonstrate marketing ROI. So buckle, up and lets go for a ride together with GA4!

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