When Life Gives You Lemons: A Reopening Guide for Restaurants

Mar 22, 2021

What will a Saturday night look like in six months from now? If you’re in the hospitality sector, this is likely a constant, all-consuming question that swirls around your mind day in, and day out.

As an agency with a large portfolio of hospitality clients, we are also trying to predict the future and paint a picture - however blurry it might be right now.

There is no crystal ball at Blue Door, but what we do have is optimism in abundance and a plan to make sure we all land firmly on our feet at the end of this.  But, the harsh reality is that when we do come out the other side of this, we have to do things differently.

Put simply, if we come out of this pandemic looking the same with the same ideas and tried-and-true concepts, then we have missed a big opportunity.

With a big focus on industry innovation and customer experience, the possibilities for re-shaping and re-introducing the hospitality landscape are limitless. We hope that we all become embolden with creative ideas and concepts that speak to the new customer that will be walking through your doors. 

Back in June, Blue Door developed a playbook to help restaurants prepare and re-open proactively and with purpose. From re-branding to influencer marketing, we outlined where we see marketing going and where the industry should invest their time and money. The tools and tactics presented in this document hopefully provide a framework for where to take your marketing and communications planning as you look ahead.

As a final note, it is normal for us to be intimidated by chaos so long as we remember that chaos creates opportunity, always. In 2021, we will experience the greatest period of chaos and change in our history. In this period, the players will have new faces, the deck will be reshuffled and the market opportunities will change. 

Click here to find our reopening recommendations for restaurants and email hello@bluedoor.agency today to get started on your own customized re-opening plan.



About the Author:

Aaron Lieberman is our Digital Marketing Manager at Blue Door and helps strategize, execute, and report on all digital marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients.